Our humble thanks to the following patients for their kind words. You will receive the same high level of care, expertise and service when you choose Simon Chiropractic.

Nancy Tavella
I met Doctor Simon at the bank, I was in so much pain, and my posture did not look so good. Dr. Simon offered to help me get backon track. Linda is now the only chiropractor I trus. Not only does she work on exactly what I need to feel better, but she also tried new therapy that I never knew of. I fee younger, better, and stronger. Thank you so much for caring for me so well and listening to my needs! You rock!!
Ten years of great care for myself and my daughter….Thank you for your kindness and excellent doctor to patient care! I am proud to be a part of the Simon Chiropractic family!
Toni Pino
“Your Friendly Neighborhood Pet Sitter”

Vic Olson
Olson Architecture
Scottsdale, AZ
“I have been a patient for 16 years and a recent of Keri Lauesen, Massage Therapist. Work as an architect, life in general, caused constant irritating pain in my upper back from poor posture and stress. I also sustained a painful lower back injury lifting construction materials at my home. Over the years, both Dr. Simon and Keri have helped me understand why the pain required and was relieved by my Chiropractor and my Massage Therapist. I now live a a happier more holistically healthy life through regular chiropractic maintenance, therapeutic massage, exercise and better posture.”
Dr. Simon’s Chiropractic treatment first lessened, then stopped, chronic Migraine Headaches that I had been suffering for three years. You will find Dr. Simon as a caring, skilled and professional practitioner and I do not hesitate to refer my friends and patients to Simon Chiropractic.
Dr. Steven Johnson and Stella
Johnson Dental Group
Scottsdale, AZ

Julie Goldammer
Residential Realtor
“I’ve had problems with flexibility and stiffness in my shoulders, neck and back for years. Through a very thoughtful and directed process, Dr. Simon has been able to correct thesre issues one by one. The massage therapy provided by Keri coupled with Dr. Simon’s adjustments have given me relief. Dr Simon is always available in an urgency and will give you steps to take to eliminate any pain or discomfort. I’m very pleased with the care provided by this office.”
“My name is Jay Wolf. I was in pain and I was able to obtain an appointment within a short time. Thanks to Dr. Linda, she was able to relieve my pain and set me up on a treatment plan”

Thanks Dr. Linda

Jay Wolf

Leigh Fowler
Dog Agility Competition Trainer
Dr. Simon keeps me going with all my activities in the world of Dog Agility. Without them I would be a couch potato.
Updated October 2021: I have known Dr. Linda Simon since 1986. I have had the pleasure and relief to experience her work in allergy treatment and muscle testing to find effective treatments as well as Chiropractic. Dr. Linda Simon has literally been a life saver for me finding natural treatments for my severe allergies, hypothyroidism, and structural adjustments. Her adjustments are gentle and long lasting. I would highly recommend her eclectic scope of healing modalities to anyone struggling with health issues

I have known Dr. Linda Simon for over 30 years, and they have been instrumental in dramatic improvements in my health several times over the years. Currently I have chronic pain issues with my lower back, hip and leg and Dr. Simon has been the only doctor able to identify the cause of the pain and develop an effective treatment. Even though I now live on the other side of the valley, it is worth the 50 mile round trip. Four generations of my family have used Simon Chiropractic because we know that we will always get the very best.

Yaana Allen