30 years of experience helping your best friend.

                                    Dogs, Cats and Horses GET INJURED TOO                                      Veterinary Chiropractic is a gentle method to treat injuries and                                   improve quality of life and enhanced athletic performance.

                                                          What about their injuries?                                            American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines recommend that a veterinarian should examine your pet and establish a diagnosis before chiropractic care. Before the chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Simon will then examine your pet’s gait, posture, spine and limbs. If an injury is found, a gentle and safe correction can be applied. It is important to know that Dr. Simon does not replace or supplant your Veterinarian and acts as a technician in your pets care.

Chiropractic Care for your pet is usually with a light force adjusting tool that looks like this:activatorThis instrument allows us to make precise gentle corrections to the spine and limbs.  It is safe and pleasant for your pet.

What conditions are most often treated with Chiropractic?  Hip Dysplasia, Joint Injury, Neck, Pelvis and Low Back Injury, Strained muscles, Acute Neck Pain and Intervertebral Disc Disease to name a few.

Dr. Simon will work with your veterinarian to provide the best care for your beloved pet

Dr. Linda Simon has lived in and practiced Chiropractic in Scottsdale for 30 years raising two son’s, two dogs and now a “grandpuppy” named Sphinx, all receiving great Chiropractic care!